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You might have heard about one of the most famous fun activities in Vacaville, the escape rooms and would have thought about all the brouhaha related to it. Many people who visited California State Escape at Vacaville asked us the reason behind the popularity of these live escape games and we answered them in a pretty straightforward manner. Talking about the current situations, almost all of us are struggling to have a few hours of spare time with us when we can just unwind with our friends and family. But due to the responsibilities and stressful work or study hours, the task seems almost impossible. Well, the various themed escape rooms of California State Escape, namely Space Sector, Crematory and Trespassed allows a wonderful distraction from all this where we can step into a fantasy world and can become a hero in reality. Those 60 minutes spent inside an escape room, trying hard to find the clues among the scattered mess and solving puzzles to come out of the room is indeed, a refreshing distraction.

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Whether you are trying to find a way out from the space facility that is set on the mode of self destruction or running from the clutches of a maniac serial killer, the adrenaline rush would surely add a dash of spice in the routine humdrum of the life. The best escape rooms in Vacaville, California State Escape offer a lot more than the usual VR games. Here, you won’t be staring into the monitor of computers like robots, but you would be actually doing something and would be taking an active part in the physical as well as intellectual work. Another reason that is acting as the driving force behind the popularity of these adventures and puzzle solving games is the infinite craze of people for the games. Along with the playing, comes the accomplishment of winning the game. And that is why, we have several regular patrons who are diehard fans of California State Escape in Vacaville