Things To Do In Sacramento

Things to Do in Splendid Sacramento
Located around 93 miles from San Francisco, California’s capital city, Sacramento, is a tourist draw. This
historic town is home to lovely museums and buildings, and is great for shopping and eating out with friends or
family. Just do not go to South Sacramento, it is rough there! But the pleasant weather makes it an ideal
destination all throughout the year to do things in Sacramento.
If you are heading out to Sacramento sometime soon, here are ten fun things you can do in Sacramento.
Wander Through Old Town
There’s so much history to explore in Sacramento and Old Sacramento or Old Town is one of the main spots.
You can nostalgic here and walk around the wooden buildings. There is a couple of fantastic restaurants here
but some of the stores there only cell useless items so do not waste your money on basically junk. The
Sacramento River is awesome and runs right by Old Town.
You can walk to Old Town if you park in downtown Sacramento if you cannot find parking in Old Town. You
can also ride your bike there and there is even a bike trail that runs along the river.
Visit the Zoo
The Sacramento Zoo is amazing and it is nearby a wonderful park called William Land Park. It is not as
monumental as the San Diego Zoo but it is stellar nonetheless. There is a bear there, a lion, tiger, and many
other impressive animals.
Participate in a Run
If you visit during Thanksgiving, make sure to participate in one Run to Feed the Hungry race in support of the
Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. The event attracts over 25,000 people who come to walk or run,
with the locals turning up to cheer them on which makes this a fun thing to do in Sacramento.
Visit the State Capitol
The California State Capitol Museum is both a museum and the seat of the government, making it a must visit
when you’re in Sacramento. It’s open to the public on all days (except major holidays) and is rich in architecture
and history.
Go Underground
This is your chance to see what life in Sacramento was like over 150 years ago. When you take the Old
Sacramento Underground tour, you get to witness historic pathways, buildings, and excavations while listening
to your guide recount stories of the past years. Though again, you can also go back in time by walking around
those old buildings in Old Sac as well!
Have Fun at the Fair
From games to carnival rides to lip smacking food, the California State Fair packs it all (but the food is
expensive and unhealthy – just letting you know). In town every summer, the fair is a big draw for both locals
and tourists. There are several other local fairs too, like the Sacramento County Fair, the Placer County Fair, and
Nevada County Fair that happen throughout summer but of course those are not in Sacramento…well the
Sacramento County Fair is of course.
Go River Rafting
Whether you’re looking to float or want some serious thrill in the water, the American river offers activities for
all river rafters. There are several rafting companies that will guide you down this river and other rivers nearby.
The water fills amazing in the summer time! Bring some lotion though, you do not want to get burned.
Attend an Annual Festival
There’s waltz and polka and Shakespeare at the annual cultural festivals held in Sacramento. Lovers of dance
can enjoy ballet productions like the Nutcracker which is a fantastic thing to do in Sacramento. With a rich
cultural heritage and diversity, the festivals in Sacramento are worth attending.
Drop into a Riverfront Restaurant
There are several riverside restaurants in Sacramento where you can enjoy dinner with your family and/or
friends. The fish is amazing and they serve much more than just seafood and fish! In fact, given the number of
restaurants in the city, you can try a different one every day of the week!
Visit Fairytale Town
This is a must-visit if you have kids with you. This old fashioned children’s park looks straight out of a fairytale
book, and offers various activities for the little ones, including live fairy tales and nursery rhymes. This is across
the street from the zoo in William Land Park. It is Disneyland to them! Have fun!
Visit California State Escape: Sacramento Escape Room 
Get locked in for 60 minutes and piece together clues and puzzles to escape. This is a great team-building exercise for friends, family, and even companies.

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