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How brainy you really are? So, here California State Escape presents a game in Sacramento that would push you to your limits. It is going to test your skills, wits, teamwork, puzzle solving and clue finding skills and above all, your patience as well. In this escape room game, your biggest enemy is the time that is would be running against you with twice the speed and you have only one hour to solve all the puzzles, find out all the clues, figure out the whole mystery and pave your way out of the themed escape rooms. If you are simply bored with the other thrill activities and looking for some fun activities in Sacramento, then book any one of themed rooms from Space Sector, Trespassed or Crematory and create your own set of record. So, what are you waiting for? Book one of the any themed escape rooms of California State Escape and call up a few buddies to beat up all the other records

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Best Team Building Activity in Sacramento

Are you done with the usual corporate events that consist of parties, visiting some picnic spot or the usual meetups? Then, this time surprise your employees with one of the best team building activities in Sacramento offered by none other than California State Escape in Sacramento. We offer you the best escape room games in all over California that requires a proper coordination, planning, communication and cooperation among all the team members so that everybody can give their best and emerge as the winner of the game. But wait, you have not only one, two or three, but multiple enemies that are going to work up against you and all you have are 60 minutes in your hand. Bam! The door is shut on your back, and now you are in a weird, creepy room where there are several clues. Check every corner for the lost pieces of the puzzle and check the floor, corners, untouched shelves for the clues. And that is how you can beat the record. So, what are you waiting for? Book your themed escape rooms with California State Escape today.