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You entered the dark room with your team, the door is slammed shut behind you and is locked from outside. The clock starts ticking; this isn’t the scene from any thriller or horror flick, but something that you would experience at California State Escape, Roseville: the best real life escape game in Roseville. Seconds are swiftly turning into minutes, and your only hope is to find the clues and solve the puzzles to find the key, if you want to escape the room and emerge as a winner. Our various themed escape rooms are ideal for various team building exercises, school activities and fun activities to do with friends and family. The escape rooms of California State Escape have something for everybody; explore the room, search for the hidden clues, help a confused partner or solve the mystery puzzle from your own perspective are some of the numerous ways by which you can help your team.

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Do you have what it takes to escape from the torturous death? If yes, then test your limits with the various trapped in a room game of California State Escape at Roseville including the notorious and fun filled Space Sector, Crematory Esacpe Room and Trespassed Escape Rooms. Some of these rooms are a bit ‘darker’ catering to the demands of the horror and supernatural cult enthusiasts. With deep study about what you love and fair share of experience in ‘dark side’ industries, it gives you a complete roller coaster ride of thrill and adventure. You would be racing against the time to find the clues so that you and your team can escape from the room. At California State Escape, we firmly believe that it is hard to enjoy a themed and live experience when there is no story plot. And that is why we continually try to include a narrative storyline to each of the themed rooms.