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When things are changing and evolving every single day, the escape rooms of California State Escape in Rocklin are no exception. Gone are the days when escape rooms were simple puzzle games in a room that was shabbily designed. With times, the trend is changing and the examples are the Space Sector, Crematory and Trespassed Esacpe Rooms of California State Escape, Rocklin. While designing these rooms, we kept in mind the main motive of the game and the expectations of our patrons. That is why you would find our escape room more thrilling, complex along with elaborated décor to give you the feel of altogether real experience. And top of everything, we are using state of the art technology to give you the ultimate thrill. The clues are harder to find, puzzles are complex, but one thing remains the same: the ticking of the clock that allows you mere 60 minutes to get out before the ax of the crazy serial killer hits you.

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Coordinate and Communicate and Be the Winner

Once you are in any of the one escape room and the door is slammed shut, it marks the beginning of a quest to come out and which is filled with adrenaline rush, excitement, fun and lots of enjoyment. While you are trying to find the clues, don’t forget that you are part of the team and it is very necessary to communicate with the team members in finding the right way. If you have found any clue, tell all the members of the team; there are chances that other one has another clue of the same puzzle. Escape rooms are all about working as a team and that is why California State Escape is becoming one of the most sought after team building exercise and fun activities to do in Rocklin. Doesn’t matter if you are a kid, adult, student or a professional, escape rooms are fun for everybody. Chuck out the plan of the boring birthday party and take your friends to the escape rooms of California State Escape and make your birthday an unforgettable one!