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Escape the Room Rancho Cordova

California State Escape houses some of the most exciting escape room games in Rancho Cordova. These rooms are designed to challenge your gray matter, logic and creativity, and you have to work as a team with complete coordination to get out before the time runs out. It takes certain skills such as power of observation, patience and calmness if you want to unfurl your flag of victory over the most thrilling and entertaining escape rooms of Rancho Cordova. Now, let us tell you a bit about our escape rooms; Space Sector, Crematory Escape Room and Trespassed Escape Rooms are the ones that are topping the charts of fun activities in Rancho Cordova. The first thing that you would notice upon entering our live escape game rooms is the attention to the detailing that can be clearly seen in the every nook and corner of the room. With the help of a small army of designers, carpenters, painters, fabricators, we have transformed the fantasy into reality.

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When you enter the Crematory or Space Sector or Trespassed with your team, the doors are slammed shut and you are racing against the time to find the hidden clues in the walls or among the scattered objects, solve the mystery puzzles and come out from the room. Now, your real strength is in numbers. Our escape room games can easily accommodate a team of 12 members and greater the number, better are the chances of getting out prior the last ticking. The puzzles and clues can be anywhere in the rooms; they can be hidden in the vase or can be on the floor, lying in plain sight. In other words, look everywhere. Even a single missing clue can turn your win into a loss. Don’t forget your team; there are certain puzzles and clues that may require a different perspective for solving them. Moreover, with other members working along, you would have great fun. So, would you like to play with danger? Then, book your room with California State Escape, Rancho Cordova.