Mastering the art to play Escape Rooms

Are you a game lover? If yes, then you must explore Escape Rooms. It is more of an adventure game and the players need to solve puzzle series using different strategies, hints and clues. A set time limit is allocated to the players so that they can discover the secret plot hidden within the different rooms.

The interesting part of the game is the locations. The fictional locations include space stations, dungeons and prison cells.


When you want to play Escape rooms, then you need to know that you will get locked up in room with one person or more. You have got an hour to locate the key so that you can escape the room with ease and you will have to make use of the clues scattered around.

If you want to excel in this game, then you need to master critical thinking, communication and problem solving.

There are a few rules to play the Escape Room that you should know for sure. For example, you cannot have any cameras, papers or pens when you play this game. The difficult part of this game is to find the clues so that you can escape the room. Let us give you a few tips about how to find the clues.

You should look for clues behind the paintings, inside book covers, in the teapots and under the carpets. You should also look for clues under the candle holders or the lamps.

Time is crucial when you play the Escape Rooms. This is why you must separate the objects into the unused and the used pile. The benefit of this practice is that your teammates will not look at the same objects again and again.

If you feel that you are overly stuck in the game, then it will not be a bad idea to ask for hints. Try to use the divide and conquer role if you want to finish the game in time. What you should do is split the room into sections. You should ask each individual to look through the different sections.

This way you will be confident that each section of the room has been inspected thoroughly and there will be no overlooked corners at all. It is also important that you should cooperate with your team mates because they might come up with some mind blowing ideas.

It is vital to turn the room upside down to find the clues you need. The secret to win this game is that you must practice beforehand.


Try to lock yourself in a room and next turn on the internet. The interesting part is that you will find many online escape games. This way you will get the basic idea how you need to move about this game.

Escape rooms is truly fun and with practice you will learn how to win this game. Make sure that you follow the suggested tips to be ahead in the game.


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