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Are you done with the usual horror rooms and the laughing skeletons sounds too meh? Then, you must try out the best and real escape rooms in Placerville, California State Escape. You are in a closed room with your team members and it’s an altogether different territory and if you want to get out of the room, you have to find the clues and solve all the puzzles. But here’s the catch: to do all this stuff; you have a mere 60 minutes with you. Now let us describe the concept of an escape room a little bit! An escape game or escape room game is a theme based fun activity room where you have to take the help of various clues and puzzles to ultimately get out of the room within one hour. And it is one of the most fun experience you can have with your family and friends. It is one of the best team building exercise that you can have with your coworkers where you have to coordinate with each other to win.

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Now any escape room game won’t be any fun without an intriguing challenge and while designing the escape room of California State Escape in Placerville, we paid special attention to the minute details. For instance, when you would enter the Space Sector escape room, you would immediately get into the character of the staff member who is trying hard to get out of the space facility that is set on the mode of self destruction. And that is the power of paying attention to the details and adding a storyline to the escape rooms. The puzzles and clues that you would find in the escape rooms of California State Escape don’t require a degree in Astrophysics; the basic knowledge of maths, geography and physics and a bit of common sense and observation power is sufficient to escape from the rooms.