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Escape the room! As soon as you step into one of the most strikingly designed escape rooms of California State Escape in Lodi and the doors are slammed shut and locked from outside, this one thought starts overlapping all your senses and thoughts. And it’s not just you! Your team mates are in the same mental condition. The clock is ticking against you and you have just one hour to find the clues in the room, use them, solve the puzzles and escape from the room. Apart from the obvious pressure of coming out from one of the many escape rooms of California State Escape such as Space Sector, there are other concerns that would add to the pressure. There would be questions such as how would you find the right clues? Would you find all the clues in the limited time? And if you want to beat the record time, you have to become the best coordinated team ever.

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Well, many people ask this question: what’s the fun in getting trapped in a room? Why should we go for an escape room game when there are so many other fun activities to do? For many people, getting trapped in a room is a frustrating or fearful experience, but here is the point where California State Esacpe in Lodi makes a difference. All of our live escape game rooms including Space Sector, Trespassed and Crematory are designed in such a way that they encourage the natural requirement of sharing the various ideas. Be it the design of the puzzles, placement of the various clues and tools, or even in technological mechanism of the specific room is done in a way that the players have to collaborate with each other and tackle the whole situation from a completely different perspective. So, are you up for the challenge? Then, book your favorite room and slot with California State Escape in Lodi today.