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Setting A Criteria to Choose an Escape Room Near Me

Are you new to playing escape rooms? If, yes, then you might be unaware of the fact that all the escape rooms cannot be termed as equal? You will notice that some of the escape rooms are quite hard.

This is why when you are choosing an escape room near me, then you have to keep this factor into consideration to avoid frustration coming your way. This is why we will guide about things that you should keep in mind when selecting your escape room.

The Secrets to Select the Appropriate Escape Room

The number of people in the room

The number of people playing the game can be a deciding factor. Some people have a wrong perception and believe that a group of 2 can end up winning escape room. This is impossible because there are too many distractions and clues in the escape room.

It will become difficult for you to dig out these clues fast in a group of 2. Ideally, you should bring more than two players to play this game so that they can easily focus on the different clues available.

However, there are times when you fail to gain an adequate number of people. Well, you should not worry and discuss your issue with the game master before entering the room. He can give you the necessary advice in this regard and may suggest smaller escape rooms.

If you have a group bigger than 6, then in this situation you can opt for a big escape room also. It will be a lot of fun to interact with a lot of people and figure out the clues.

Going for a decorated or not decorated option

First, when you book the room, you should have a clear idea about the theme of the room. You can ask the staff about the theme. The decorations will obviously match up with the theme of the room.

The truth is that both decorated and not decorated rooms are good enough if you have the analytical skills to dig out the clues.


Choosing between a facilitated and non-facilitated escape room

Yes, people, non-facilitated escape rooms do exist. When you end up walking in a non-facilitated room, then they will simply tell you the theme and throw in a few puzzles at you. You will not get any help in a non-facilitated escape room.

This is why you should keep this probability in mind when selecting your room. You have to accept the fact that the game master adds up to the fun factor in the game and opting for a facilitated room is a smart idea

He watches your entire group on a closed circuit TV. There are times when you get stuck, and the game master can be of great assistance during these times because he throws in hints. This helps to facilitate the game, and it becomes easier for you to play.

When you select an escape room near me, remember all these pointers. This way you stand a better chance of playing the game under favorable conditions.


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