6 fantastic Escape Rooms near Sacramento

Are you in a mood for some adventure in Sacramento? Try to explore the Escape Room game and it is surely going to be a lot of fun. If you do not have an idea about the best escape rooms near Sacramento, then we will give you relevant insight in this regard.


California State Escape

What you will love about California State Escape is that each room is done differently so you have a lot of choices. They offer technical puzzles which enhance your experience and require a lot of examination.

The rooms give quite a cool look. The host does a great job explaining things.


What you will love about this place is that it is very well put together and the rooms are expertly crafted. It will not be a problem for you to manage the booking and it can easily be managed online. Their Whispering Hall theme is one of the best escape room themes and is worth a try.

The good news is that you get all the necessary guidelines before you step into the room.  The escape rooms can easily accommodate about 10 people so it becomes much easier to solve the puzzles. The hinting system gives you the best possible assistance to advance through the game.

Skeleton Key Rooms

What you will love about Skeleton Key Rooms is that you can easily manage the booking over the phone also. The escape rooms offer a great team building experience. You will find the puzzles to be quite logical and go well with the theme of the room. The worth appreciating aspect is that the Skeleton Key Rooms are quite inexpensive in comparison to other escape rooms.

Beat the Room

When you will visit Beat the Room, then you will find Captain Quarters and Sherlock Holmes  escape rooms. Both are superb rooms.

The Game Room Adventure Café

This Café offers the Temple escape room which is quite cool. The appreciating factor is that the staff gives you all the necessary insight about the rooms and this adds to your element of fun. The rooms have got quite unique themes.

Break Through Sacramento

You will love this place because the escape room puzzles are tough and give you a reason to think. They have an interesting Torture Chamber room. Break Through Sacramento has the perfect ambience for the escape room. They play scary music that adds up to your fun.

If you are looking for some real fun, then you should visit Escape Rooms Near Sacramento. Before going to the Escape room vicinity you should do your bit of investigation about the place and the facilities they have to offer.

You can also search for the Escape Rooms located near Sacramento online also so that you can get the necessary information. Take some time off your stressful life and do visit the escape rooms mentioned above. One thing is a promise that you will not have any regrets at the end of the day.


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