Crematorium Escape Room Guide

Crematorium Escape Room Guide

Playing Escape Room Games is a lot of fun? The interesting part is that you can find different theme escape rooms with ease but the most popular choice is Crematorium Escape Rooms. This room is perfect for all those who love the horror escape room themes.


First, you should sit with your team members and define your strategy. It will be great if you assign the role of a leader to a team member. However, the docile members should also be encouraged to give their input.

Next all the team members should tour the escape room. The leader should divide the members so that they can tour different sections of the escape room.

If you anyone of the members finds any clue in the escape room they should call out loud. This way the other members can find out about those clues as well. You have 60 minutes to escape the room so all the team members cannot waste time on the same clues.

The game plan should be that you should be willing to look for clues in all the odd places. You should look at the cremation chamber thoroughly and this way you will be able to find the hidden clues also.

The team members should also have a strong coordination. There are some teams where the leaders do the talking only but it should not be the case at all. All the team members should participate actively.

You should place a white cloth in one of corner of the room. All the inspected clues should be placed in one section and all the uninspected clues should be placed in the other section. This way you will get a fair idea how you have to move about.

If you are unable to find clues in the room, then you should not let disappointment take a toll over you.  Remember negativity is contagious and you should not let this happen to you.

It will also be advisable that you should use your logic to solve the puzzles. Do not get panic-stricken. You need to think straight if you want to learn to decipher your clues.

When you and your friends decide to visit the Crematorium Escape Room, then it will be perfect if you do some preparation in advance. You can search online and read about Crematorium Escape Rooms. This way it will become easier for you to dig out the clues and understand them.

It will also be great if you put forward your concerns to the staff before you enter the escape room. This way they can guide you accordingly. Remember, winning Crematorium escape room game is all about presence of mind.

This is why you have to think wisely and sanely. When you will follow this approach, then you will not end up making any mistakes at all. Plus, there are chances that you will end up winning if you follow this approach so try it out.


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