In response to Covid-19, we are implementing a few changes to provide a safer escape room experience for you all.

1. All of our games continue to be private. Once a room is booked with the required capacity of 3 or more players, you and your guests are the only players in the room.

2. Waivers must be signed online BEFORE entering the escape room. We have removed all tablets from customer access and you will not be able to enter the venue if all players in your group have not completed the waivers. Please see our waiver tab.

3. Players (adults and children) are required to wear masks (scarves are okay), before entering the venue. We will have disposable masks available for $2 if you do not have a mask to enter our venue.

4. We ask that groups please wait outside or in your car. The Game Master will call for the name that is under the booking reservation or call the phone number provided.

5. Game Masters and Staff are required to wear masks at all times. They will limit exposure by keeping a safe distance of 6 feet from players.

6. All players are required to wash their hands prior to playing the game. If the restroom is occupied, we will have hand sanitizer available at the front desk and at other locations throughout the venue. Disposable gloves are available upon request.

7. Escape room(s), lobby, and restrooms are to be disinfected between games. Cleaning products that have been approved by the FDA for Covid-19 will be used to properly disinfect and sanitize surfaces/props.