California State Escape provides a perfect opportunity for co-workers to learn more about each other and how to get along much better.

Escape rooms are getting ever so popular, especially when it can provide such value to any company outings. Our games are mentally challenging and teamwork is most important criteria of the game. This event is easily the most memorable moment that your employee will cherish.


Benefits of Escape room in your team building effort : Discrete, Communication and analytical thinking.

California state escape is out of the table and fun building excercise. It create postive energy, increase efficiency in the workplace. Through this idea of interacting, the teams are encouraged and build a strong relationships between each other.

Through the California state escape room team building program, the corporate have the opportunity to increase the efficiency among the co-workers and create a great relationship in all. They can work as a team in high-pressure and loads. They can truly rely on each other to accomplish the task. The result will be close enough and ready for all challenges to complete.


We have a spacious conference space that can accommodate any large group.