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Visit any city and you would find live escape games for sure. For instance, take the city of Carmichael where California State Esacpe, one of the best real escape room has made a crazy number of fans. And keeping in mind the choices you have, you would be flabbergasted while making a choice. But don’t think too much; just grab your buddies and book your escape room with California State Escape. Get ready for a brain twisting and thrilling experience that would definitely take you for a roller coaster ride. Want to know if you have the mettle to find the escape from the deathly clutches of what lies beyond! Trust us, the escape rooms of California State Escape: Space Sector, Trespassed and Crematory are designed and created in such a way that you would feel the need to escape the room as soon as the door is slammed shut on your back.

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At California State Escape, Carmichael, our designers have left no stones unturned while designing the escape rooms and preparing the tasks for the visitors. The tasks are created in such a manner that you would definitely require the assistance of another friend or teammate to solve the puzzle or to find the clue. When one of your friends is brainstorming about a weird maths puzzle, the other would be searching the nook and corner of the room to find another clue leading to the next puzzle. Don’t leave any corner; clues can be everywhere, behind the vase, hidden in the plain sight or simply lying around on the torn carpet, unnoticed by everybody. Check everything, investigate what looks fishy and don’t be shy. All in all, our escape rooms are all about team work, logical reasoning, coordination and above everything, lots of fun and excitement. So, go on buddies; combine your brains and beat the record.