Escape Rooms Near Elk Grove

Escape Rooms Near Elk Grove

Elk Grove is a city in Sacramento County, California, located just south of the state capital of Sacramento.

Our local escape room is the largest escape room venue in the area and one the closest escape room near elk grove. You can book your escape room experience online or over the phone, we even have a live chat on our website if you have any immediate questions. Bring your friends and family to this unique level of entertainment.Escape Rooms are getting very popular and we’d love to share the experience with you at California State Escape.

Our venue is located at 5400 Power Inn Rd, Ste B, Sacramento, CA 95820.

Grab a bite to eat across the street at Chando’s Tacos, Squeeze Burger, or I love Teriyaki.


Job Description
Position Overview

Location: 5400 Power Inn Rd STE B, Sacramento CA 95820

California State Escape is seeking an escape room operator to join our team. In this position, you will need to be comfortable communicating and working with our guests throughout their entire live escape room game experience. You will be working in a dynamic fast paced environment and will be responsible for providing an entertaining and memorable experience for all of our guests. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong customer service skills with a strong orientation for detail.

Applications without a cover letter will not be reviewed,

About California State Escape

We are an indoor recreational entertainment company that specializes in creating and hosting escape room adventure games. Each room contains a series of clues and puzzles that players must work together to solve in order to successfully complete the room. The products we provide vary in theme and genre as each room is individually designed, themed, and crafted to deliver our customers a distinct and uniquely satisfying experience.


As an operator, you are a game master, storyteller, customer service provider, guide, actor and problem solver. You will directly interact with guests and work in our game rooms to deliver entertaining and memorable experiences by working in a control room and monitoring the guests while they are on their journey to escape. You will be trained to solve, explain, and reset all of the puzzles in our game rooms. We are looking for quick learners with strong attention to detail, but most importantly, the successful candidate will carry a bright attitude and demonstrate excellent customer service skills.


We are seeking a candidate who has experience in theater, performance arts or acting.

Ability to quickly learn about company processes and procedures and willingness to transition roles as necessary.

Friendly personality with strong customer service and interpersonal skills

Comfortable engaging with small and large groups of people

Skillful time manager with the ability to multitask while maintaining strong attention to detail

Demonstrated ability to maintain professionalism in handling unexpected situations

Professional, polished, and well-spoken with a strong command of the English language

Ability to work independently and as a team player with fellow staff and management

Available to work late evenings, weekends, holidays and occasionally on short notice

Basic computer skills and comfortably working with Microsoft Office programs

Key Responsibilities:

Welcoming and briefing incoming groups

Educating guests on the rules and objectives of their game room

Maintaining the character of the game master

Monitoring escape games and guiding the guests through their experience with clues

Resetting the puzzles, triggers, props, and technology of a room

Debriefing and facilitating group conversations after the experience

Explaining puzzles and identifying areas of enjoyment, difficulty, and discontent with guests

Taking photos and uploading photos of guests

Building positive relationships and rapport with guests through outstanding service

Administering and scoring evaluation surveys

Problem solving and dealing with unexpected problems as necessary

Cleaning and maintenance of props and game rooms

Front desk duties including: fielding calls, scheduling reservations, responding to emails, process payments, marketing and outreach.

Booking and managing shifts and time slots

Testing puzzles, electrical equipment and game rooms for quality assurance

Communicating and identifying areas for improvement with management

Designing solutions to increase customer satisfaction


Extroverted personality who enjoys working with people

Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are key attributes to be demonstrated

Must be highly motivated, proactive, and willing to take on new challenges

Sense of humor and ability to stay in character and cultivate a positive environment

Highly perceptive and socially conscientious

Creative thinker to deal with unexpected problems and situations

Hands-on and handy with tools, props, and gadgets


Acting experience Interest in puzzles and games

Tech Savvy

Job Type: Part-time


California State Escape opened it’s doors in 2016, we are located between the intersection of Fruitridge & Power Inn Rd in the Sacramento region. Our company specializes in providing a fun alternative to corporate team building and teaching friends, family, and co-workers how working together can solve problems. We also love to host events for birthdays, sports teams, and more! Our venue is just located across the street from Teriyaki BBQ and Squeeze Burger and about 10-30 minutes from surrounding cities like Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, and Fair Oaks. We currently offer 4 unique escape room experiences which have a capacity between 6-12 players.

“Work alone if you want to go fast, work together if you want to go far”

Sacramento Escape Rooms


Misconceptions About Sacramento Escape Room

When you play the Sacramento escape room game, then you have many misconceptions in your mind. We will try to clarify all these misconceptions right here. The reason is that this may discourage you from entering the room and performing well.

Common Misconceptions About Escape Room

Do not let the idea of getting locked create fear in your heart

Getting locked in sounds like a scary idea for many but you should not get upset at all. When you play this game, it is continuously monitored by the game master. The game is monitored using closed-circuit video with audio. This is why you can communicate with the game master anytime you want.

The room has sufficient light

Darkness is yet another phobia that haunts the human mind. Well, you will not be caught up in a dark room when you play the escape room game. The room has a theme decoration, and you have to look for clues in the room.

You need to have a group of more than three people to have the room for yourself

Some of you have a misconception that if you book the room for 2 to 3 people, then you will have the entire space for yourself. This is yet another wrong concept. When you make the booking for about three people, then it is likely that you will be placed with strangers to play the game.

However, you need not worry because playing with strangers can also be a lot of fun and you should not fill up your mind with negative thoughts

Overcrowding is also not fun

Another thing most people do is that they bring in a lot of people with them. You need to keep into consideration the capacity of the area. If it is crowded, then this will kill the fun element, and you will not be able to enjoy the game.


Arriving on time is essential

Wipe off this misconception from your mind that you can simply enter the area and start playing. Avoid reaching the place in the last 5 minutes.

You need a brief, and for this, you need to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes. This way you can get the guidance you need. People assume that they can enter the Sacramento escape room even if they are late.

The game does not get rescheduled as per your convenience

This is again a wrong concept. The room gets locked at the decided time. The game will not be rescheduled for me, and you will not be able to get your money.

Handicapped can play in some places

It is a depressing thought for many that disabled people cannot enter the escape room. Well, this does not hold true for all the escape rooms. They do allow wheelchairs in many locations. This is why you should talk to the staff rather than concluding on your own.

Little knowledge is dangerous so gather enough information about the game before you take the plunge into the game.

Sacramento Escape Room

Sacramento Escape Room a Worthwhile Experience for Owners and Players

Do you know that Sacramento escape room is quite a lucrative business? Most of you will agree to this because once you get into the habit of visiting escape rooms, it can become quite an addictive experience.

This is why when people invest a lot of money in escape rooms, they can quickly recoup their initial investment. Let us explore why the concept of escape rooms has become so popular.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

The answer is pretty simple. There are many people out there who have embarked on a mission to explore the world of adventure. For these individuals, escape room sounds like quite an exciting idea.

They get to experience the skill live. Plus, you get a chance to put your analytical skills to test when you are in an escape room. This is also quite appealing for many. You go through various clues, and these clues eventually help you find a key that will help you exit the room.

Most people feel that the escape room is their best refuge when they want they want a break off from the monotonous routine. It is also an opportunity for people to interact with other individuals and most people do not want to miss out on this chance.

You develop the skill of coordination and meeting deadlines when you play this game, so this is a challenge that should be availed by all means.

The most important thing is all of us need a sense of assurance about our capabilities and skills. When you play the escape room, you get that reassurance. There are times when you are feeling low, and you want to come out of this phase.

The truth is that the escape room game is so much fun that it can change your mental state altogether and you enjoy playing the game.

The escape room owners cash on these sentiments and thoughts.

Why Is Sacramento Escape Room a Lucrative Business?

Escape room owners know that the idea of this game will never lose its charm. This game is not seasonal. All throughout the year, people are keen to come to this place to enjoy the fun. The most interesting part is that the owners can keep on reinventing the room.

They can have seasonal themes and just keep on changing the props. Once an escape room earns some good reviews, then the lucrative prospects are unending.

This is why the escape room game can be termed as a winning situation for the participants and the owners also. If you are looking for a change, then it will be a good idea to start looking for the best Sacramento escape room.

Gather your team of players. Before booking gain as much information as you can about the escape room. The more you know, the easier it will become to play the game. When you visit the escape room once you are surely keen to visit it in the future also.


Real Escape Room

Winning A Haunted Theme Real Escape Room

Do you like adventure and have the courage to play in a haunted environment? Well, if this holds true, then you should go for a real escape room with a haunted theme. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when going for a haunted theme escape room.

Fear can become a dominant factor when you enter a room that has a haunted theme, and your attention might get diverted from the clues. This is why it will be a smart idea to discuss things with your team members before you decide to opt for this theme.

A Brief Idea About a Haunted Theme Escape Room

Most people are completely oblivious to the environment of the haunting theme. This is why it will be a nice idea to investigate this theme a bit before you choose your room. It is also important that your team members should be willing to step in such a room.

If you are bent upon going for this theme, it will be a nice idea to put up your questions to the escape room staff. If you research online, then you will get an idea about haunted themes.

Practical Examples of Haunted Theme Escape Rooms

When you step into the real escape room, then it might be more of a horror film where you have to escape before the cannibal gets you.

Well, a Zombie theme is also quite popular so it can be one of the themes of the room. If you want to get real fun in a haunted theme escape room, then go for the one that is designed by a horror fan.

How to Be a Winner in A Scary Escape Room

When you enter the room, it is quite natural that fear will stick you. It is the responsibility of the team leader to calm down all the members. If the fear factor lasts longer, you will not be able to play.

The team leader has to be convincing and should let other team members know that the terrifying elements in the escape room are not real. This will help to calm down the members to a great extent.

Next, you should put spooky imagination to test. Think of all the horror films you have watched so far. Recalling those elements can help you find the clues in the room.

You should also encourage your team members to share their thoughts about any horror film they have watched or a game they played. This may help to link up with the clues. If the team leader notices that a member is stuck somewhere, it will be a good idea to suggest an alternative.

The secret to winning the escape room is that all the team members have to work together and they need to develop coordination. If you follow this core rule, it will be possible for you to end up winning the escape room game so do try out the ideas.

Great Escape Sacramento

Manage Your Great Escape Sacramento By Overcoming Stress

Do you get stressed out when you play the escape room? Getting worked up is a natural feeling. The reason is you have to escape the room in time. This is why you have to plan things out once you choose the Sacramento escape room.

When stress becomes a dominant fact, then you and your team members fail to think straight, and as a result, you end up losing the game. We will discuss all the vital aspects here that can help you manage your great escape Sacramento.

Beating Off Stress in The Escape Room

Dig down into the room with a strategy

When you start the game, you need to know that it will not be possible for you to dig out all the clues instantly. This is why it will be a smart idea to go through the bigger objects first.

For example, if any cupboards or drawers are unlocked, you should look through them. They have been left unlocked for a reason. If you turn the entire room upside down in one single go, then you might get things messed up.

In this situation, you might get panic-stricken because it will be difficult for you to find the clues. Once you have looked through the bigger objects, think of odd places to find the clues.

Communicate if you cannot find clues

There are times when you are unable to get your hands on any clues, and you do not even communicate this to your team members. You are frustrated, but you refuse to tell others. This is the wrong approach, and everyone will suffer in the end if you are not a productive member.

If you fail to find anything you can request your team lead for help. This way it becomes easier for you to work as an efficient team member in the room.

Do not stick to just one clue

Sometimes it becomes a hard quest to figure out a clue. The mistake most people do is that they remain glued to this clue and this wastes time. In the end, you get hyper because you are out of time and you still have many clues to look through in the escape room.

You can avoid this unpleasant situation in the escape room. What you should do is that if you find a clue difficult, you should put it aside. At this point, you should go through other clues.

There is a possibility that this difficult clue might be connected to some other clues. Once you dig out those clues, you will be able to fix in this missing clue.

The most important thing is that if you get too worked up, then it will not be a bad idea to take a break of a few minutes. This will help you to cool down, and you can get back in the game and plan your great escape Sacramento.

Follow these simple tips and tricks, and they will help you win the game.

Escape Rooms Near Me

Setting A Criteria to Choose an Escape Room Near Me

Are you new to playing escape rooms? If, yes, then you might be unaware of the fact that all the escape rooms cannot be termed as equal? You will notice that some of the escape rooms are quite hard.

This is why when you are choosing an escape room near me, then you have to keep this factor into consideration to avoid frustration coming your way. This is why we will guide about things that you should keep in mind when selecting your escape room.

The Secrets to Select the Appropriate Escape Room

The number of people in the room

The number of people playing the game can be a deciding factor. Some people have a wrong perception and believe that a group of 2 can end up winning escape room. This is impossible because there are too many distractions and clues in the escape room.

It will become difficult for you to dig out these clues fast in a group of 2. Ideally, you should bring more than two players to play this game so that they can easily focus on the different clues available.

However, there are times when you fail to gain an adequate number of people. Well, you should not worry and discuss your issue with the game master before entering the room. He can give you the necessary advice in this regard and may suggest smaller escape rooms.

If you have a group bigger than 6, then in this situation you can opt for a big escape room also. It will be a lot of fun to interact with a lot of people and figure out the clues.

Going for a decorated or not decorated option

First, when you book the room, you should have a clear idea about the theme of the room. You can ask the staff about the theme. The decorations will obviously match up with the theme of the room.

The truth is that both decorated and not decorated rooms are good enough if you have the analytical skills to dig out the clues.


Choosing between a facilitated and non-facilitated escape room

Yes, people, non-facilitated escape rooms do exist. When you end up walking in a non-facilitated room, then they will simply tell you the theme and throw in a few puzzles at you. You will not get any help in a non-facilitated escape room.

This is why you should keep this probability in mind when selecting your room. You have to accept the fact that the game master adds up to the fun factor in the game and opting for a facilitated room is a smart idea

He watches your entire group on a closed circuit TV. There are times when you get stuck, and the game master can be of great assistance during these times because he throws in hints. This helps to facilitate the game, and it becomes easier for you to play.

When you select an escape room near me, remember all these pointers. This way you stand a better chance of playing the game under favorable conditions.


Escape Room Sacramento Groupon Deals

Exploring the Escape Room Sacramento Groupon Deals

Joining a real escape room Sacramento can be quite an exciting venture, but there are times when you have a strict budget. This is the time you should think on the lines of opting for escape room Sacramento Groupon. The Groupon website offers various escape room deals.

When you opt for these deals, then you will experience a considerable reduction in the price you pay for the escape room. For example, you can get a skeleton key room deal for 50% off for eight people.

However, it is important that you should go through the reviews of the deal also so that you end up making the right pick. The reviews will give you a real picture of what the people think about the deal.

How to Choose the Escape Room Deals

When you come across multiple escape room deals, then the best approach is that you should explore the deals first. It will be a great idea to get in touch with the staff of the escape room and put forward all the questions that come to your mind.

It will not be a bad idea to schedule a visit to the escape room before you decide to opt for this. In this situation, you will not have any surprises coming your way. Most of the reputed escape rooms have a website also.

You can have a look at the site also to get an idea of the current themes. There are times when a certain theme is offered in the deal, but it does not appeal to you. This is why it will not be a smart idea to go for a deal in this situation.

There are many other factors you have to keep in mind if you are opting for escape room Sacramento Groupon promotion. If a deal allows about eight people, then this is a pretty large group.

This is why you have to keep the size of the escape room in mind. If the escape room is small, then the room might get pretty cluttered, and this will kill the element of fun.

Once you have booked the room and gathered enough information about the escape room, it will be a nice idea to plan a meeting with your friends if you want to go with them to the escape room.

Discuss your strategy with your friends. This way coordination will become easier when you are in the room, and there will be no confusions whatsoever. This way you can save time deciding things in the room.

You can also assign roles to your friends before entering the escape room and set some rules. Choose your team leader also before entering the room. When all these factors are decided in advance, then going through the clues will also become easy.

The benefit of this practice is that you will be able to make the most of the deal. Explore Groupon today and get hold of the best escape room deal to have the time of your life.