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Want to escape from the dreadful serial killer who has trapped you and your friends in his vacation house? Well, beat the clock to turn the locks. And this is the ultimate motive of California State Escape in Auburn. We offer you the most sought after real life escape room games where you are locked in a theme based room such as Space Sector, Crematory and Trespassed and you have 60 minutes with you to escape the room. But how? Well, the room is filled with various objects and any mundane item can be a clue. Coordinate with your other team members, find the clues, decipher the codes and solve the mystery puzzles to emerge as the winners of the best escape room game of Auburn, California State Escape. Our escape rooms can easily accommodate a team of 12 members and it is better to keep the number of players above 5 so that your team can become an added bonus.

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Though there are several fun activities to do with family and friends in Auburn city, but very few of those plunge you into that level where you are thinking about nothing else but the game. And this is the charm of California State Escape. You are locked in a room and you have 60 minutes. It is fun. It is unique and above all, it is challenging. You would be surprised to find how quickly you adapt to the situation and immerse yourself in the game. And that is why these escape rooms are the most sought after team building activities. You have to coordinate with your team, where each individual has their own task, communicate with them and find the right way to escape the room in the least time possible to beat the record. Ideal for family outings, birthday events or any corporate activities, the themed escape rooms of California State Esacpe in Auburn is the most interesting, thrilling and exciting activity that you can have with your family, friends or fellow workers.