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The clock is ticking and you have one hour to emerge as a winner from the best escape room in Elk Grove, California State Escape. Coordinate with your team, find all the hidden clues and solve the mystery puzzles to escape the room. Now let us do a bit of explaining; California State Escape lets you face your fear and experience the thrill of the fantasy world. Ideal for various corporate events as a team building activity, our Escape rooms such as Space Sector, Trespassed and Crematory are famous all over as the most mind challenging fun activities in Elk Grove. These are some of the most unique themes that you won’t get anywhere else than the California State Escape. And the best feature of these rooms is the interior décor that gives you an altogether real feel. These logic and puzzle based games are custom built rooms where you have to work as a team to escape the deathly scenarios. Beat the clock and experience the entertainment from a new summit with California State Escape.

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Sometimes, it is better to escape, but how? The door is slammed shut behind you and the key can only be found after solving the puzzles and clues that are hidden too. And here is the time when the fun begins at California State Escape, Elk Grove. You will be locked for 60 minutes in a space facility that is about to be quarantined or at the home of a serial killer or a dilapidated old mansion that is notorious among the population. And trust us, it is not easy to race against the time; just imagine the time is slipping from your hands while you and your team is trying to find the clues and escape the horrendous clutches of a mad killer or the worst, cheating the death itself in the Space Sector Escape Room. Sounds adventurous. Then, experience the thrill of the best escape game of Elk Grove, California State Escape.